Published work in popular Astronomy periodicals

  • Amateur Astronomers & Cataclysmic Variables.  European Southern Observatory - Messenger,  June 1995

        Also     Sterne und Weltraum 6/1996

                      Astronomisk Tidsskrift  Dec. 1995

  • Active Galactic Nuclei.   Webb Society Quarterly Journal, issue 116 April 1999

  • "How to...Observe Variable Stars".  BBC Sky at Night magazine, November 2005 #6

  • "Pulsating Red Giants and other Variable Stars".  Astronomy Now magazine, November 2006

  • Blazing Black Holes.  Astronomy Now  January 2007

  • Is Visual Observing Dead? Astronomy Now magazine, October 2016

  • A Variable Observing Life.  Astronomy Now magazine, February 2017


Peer reviewed authored & co-authored published papers

  • UK Nova/Supernova Patrol:  Recurrent Objects Programme report 1994.  BAAJ 106, 3, 155-159 (June 1996)

  • Eclipse observations of IP Peg during outburst:  Proceedings of the 158th colloquium of the IAU held at Keele University 1995.  Astropysics and Space Science library, Vol 208

  • The 1997 outburst of BL Lacertae and detection of a 0.6 mag rapid variation.    PASJ (Publication of the Astronomical Society of Japan)  51, 253-256 (1999)

  • CR Boo:  The helium ER UMa star wiith the 46.3 day supercycle.  MNRAS   315, 140-148 January 2000

  • Intensive Monitoring of OJ287.  Astronomy & Astrophysics  July 2000

  • IBVS 4932:  Detection of Supercycle in SS UMi:  Normal SU UMa-type dwarf nova with the shortest supercycle.  August 2000

  • IBVS 5120:  The second supercycle of the helium ER UMa star, CR Boo.  June 2001

  • V344 Lyr:  An unusual large-amplitude SU UMa type dwarf nova with a short supercycle.  MNRAS, 2001

  • Deep fading of the Herbig Be star MisV1147.   PASJ  56, S183-S192, 2004 March

  • Pro-Am Astronomy:  Variable Stars. Meeting Report, Cambridge 2002.    Astronomy & Geophysics Aug 2002 Vol 43, issue 4.

  • Observations of the recently discovered Dwarf Nova 1RXSJ053234.9+624755, during the 2005 March Superoutburst.  JBAA Vol.116, 1 2006. Also available at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • CCD photometry and visual observations of V1663 Aql (Nova Aql 2005). JBAA Vol. 116, No. 6, 2006  and can also be viewed at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • CG Draconis.  A particularly active Dwarf Novae.  JBAA Vol 117, No.1, 2007 and can also be reviewed at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • Brief Outbursts in the Dwarf Nova V1316 Cyg.  JBAA Vol. 116, No.5 2006  and can also be viewed at Arxiv Astto-ph

  • HR Lyrae (Nova Lyr 1919): from outburst to active quiescence. JBAA Vol. 117, No.3, 2007  and can also be viewed at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • Analysis of the first confirmed Superoutburst of V337 Cygni in 2006 May.  JBAA Vol. 117, No. 4 and can also be viewed at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • Photometry of the Dwarf Nova AW Sge during the 2006 November Superoutburst.  JBAA Vol. 118, No. 3 2008, and can be viewed at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • Photometry and Astrometry of SS Leo Minoris during the 2006 October Superoutburst.  JBAA Vol 118, No.2 and can be viewed at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • The structure of the October/November 2005 outburst in OJ287 and the precessing Black Hole model.  Astronomy & Astrophysics, 477 2 (2008) 407-412

  • A massive binary black hole system in OJ287 and a test of general relativity.   NATURE (letters) Vol 452  April 17 2008 pg 851

  • The 2008 outburst of the cataclysmic variable V358 Lyr.  JBAA Vol. 120, No. 1 February 2010.  Available at Arxiv Astro-pharxiv:0905.1866

  • Tidally induced outbursts in OJ 287 during 2005-2008.  ApJ  698 (2009) 781-785

  • CCD photometry of the first observed Superoutburst of KP Cassiopeia in 2008 October. JBAA Vol. 120, No. 1 February 2010.  Available at Arxiv Astro-ph

  • GSC2.3 N152008120 - a new SU UMa type dwarf nova in Draco.  JBAA Vol 119, No. 5 October 2009

  • The 2009 outburst of V630 Cassiopeiae.  JBAA Vol. 120 No. 3 2010. Also available at Astro-ph 

  • HS2325+8205 - An ideal laboratory for accretion disk physics.  PASP 124: 204-211 2012 March.  Available at Astro-ph 

  • HS2325+8205 - a frequently outbursting Dwarf Nova.   JBAA Vol. 121, No. 5 October 2011

  • Eclipse comparisons of the Symbiotic Nova V1413 Aql from visual photometry.  JBAA Vol. 122, No. 6.  2012

  • The BAAVSS Long Term Polar Monitoring Programme. The first five years 2006-2011. JBAA Vol. 123. No. 2 2013

  • HW Bootis: an enigmatic cataclysmic variable star. Available at Astro-ph  or JBAA Vol 125, No.4 2015

  • Primary black hole spin in OJ287 as determined by the General Relativity centenary flare. ApJ,819,L37 (2016)

  • Outbursts of the dwarf nova CSS 121005:212625+201948. JBAA Vol 123, No. 3 2016

  • Effective Temperatures of Cataclysmic Variable White Dwarfs as a probe of their evolution. MNRAS 466, 2855-2878 (2017) ArXiv-astro-ph

  • Far-infrared photometry of OJ 287 with the Herschel Space Observatory.  Astronomy and Astrophysics, 610, A74 2018

  • Breaking the habit - The peculiar 2016 eruption of the unique Recurrent Novae M31N-200812a.          Astrophysical Journal Vol 857,  No. 1    2018

  • Stochastic modelling of multi-wavelength variability of the classical BL Lac object OJ287 on timesacles ranging from decades to hours.    Accepted Astrophysical Journal, July 2018.  Yet to appear

  • Authenticating the presence of a relativistic massive Black Hole Binary in OJ 287 using it's general relativity flare: Improved orbital parameters.  ApJ - not yet in print.  Available from arXiv here



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