NSVS J2146219+434351

or IRAS 21443+4329

IRAS 214432+4329

IRAS 21443+4329 has been observed from July 2004 to November 2016.  The light curve shows it to be a Mira star with a range of 11.8V-17.1V and a period of 189.87d , derived from this light curve, and in good agreement with VSX which has 189.3d.


Until April 2009, the field only became visible to the telescopes in late spring.  However during April 09, a large hedge (to the NE) was trimmed, recovering some sky which had been lost for years. An early visual observation in April revealed (to my great surprise)  IRAS 21443 to be at maximum magnitude of 12.2. This suggests that the period is some 50% shorter than was first thought, with all the Spring maxima being missed up to this point. 

Top   April 24.5 2009  V=11.9


Bottom  July 13.2 UT 2009  V=16.7


Images from AAVSO SRO-35

IRAS21443 period.gif
IRAS21443 phase.gif

Analysis of just 268 observations using ANOVA method in Peranso.  The period 189.9 d matches the published period of 189.3d