Light curve for EU UMa

This extremely faint Polar was discovered by ROSAT WFC in 1990.  High state would appear to be ~17.5V, with low states <19.5C.   The object is being observed as part of the BAAVSS Long Term Polar Monitoring Programme.


Two papers of interest... 


Discovery of a new pole-occulting AM Her star using ROSAT Wide Field Camera. Mittaz et al, MNRAS 258, 277-284 1992


Asymmetric Mass Accretion in the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable RE 1149+28.  Howell et al, ApJ 439:991-995 1995 February 01


The light curve is compiled from unfiltered CCD observations, obtained with the Bradford Robotic Telescope, and V-band observations obtained with the Sonoita Research Observatory (through the AAVSO).