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Gary Poyner. Variable Star observer.

These web pages are dedicated to the study of Variable Stars from a visual observers persepective, but I also include CCD data in some of the light curves.


The visual observations were all made from the heavily light polluted skies of Birmingham, England - the UK's second largest city. The CCD data has been obtained with the Bradford Robotic Telescope, the Open University COAST telescope and several of the AAVSOnet telescopes.


I hope you enjoy the site. And if you do live with light pollution, I hope that these web pages will show that interesting observations can be made regardless of the conditions!

Variable Star V630 Cas
Variable Star RZ Vul

© Created March 2016 by Gary Poyner with                                                                                              These pages were last updated on April 2nd 2021

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Kingstanding Weather Station

Acknowledgements:  Dr. Andrew Beardmore, University of Leicester UK, for the animated graphics on the home page.

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